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Asociación Minga Peru

Context & Organizational Profile:

Minga Peru was founded by Eliana Elias in 1998 to improve the lives of indigenous river communities in the Peruvian Amazon, developing innovative programs that empower women and families through mass media, community health promotion, leadership development, and income generation. For the past 18 years, Minga has run programs to provide leadership training and income generation projects to over 43 rural communities to improve their conditions of poverty and marginalization. They run a successful radio program, “Bienvenida Salud” (Welcome Health) that reaches over 120,000 people daily to address and inform on important topics including domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, human rights and gender equality.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s technical assistance grant to Minga Peru allows them to partner with the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) to implement the FICE Capacity Building Program (Institutional Strengthening of Strategic Communications). It is a 2-year cooperative the allows Minga to provide training and support in communications, strategic planning and evaluation for current and former IAF grantees in the Dominican Republic and Peru. Led by Minga, FICE is the first program in LatAm that focuses explicitly on intercultural communications, gender equity, and human rights. The program comprises 4 phases: 1) diagnostic of organizations and current communications strategy and material; 2) training workshop and technical support to begin to implement ideas from workshop (reimagine vision/mission with regards to communications strategy); 3) redesign of any institutional products that are externally facing (e.g. website, videos, annual reports); 4) strategies for sustainability and impact evaluation.

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