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Vietnamese American NGO (VANGO)


Vietnam has a National Strategy on Population and Reproductive Health for 2011-2020, with the goal of providing universal access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH), including family planning. However, according to UNFPA, more than one-third of women who are not married have an unmet need for contraception. Evidence shows that young people are becoming sexually active at an earlier age, yet often have problems when trying to access SRH services and information – especially because services are geared toward the adults and married population and especially in rural and ethnic minority areas – and have incomplete knowledge on sexuality, contraception, and safe sex. Teenage pregnancies and high abortion rates continue to be of critical concerns for Vietnam: The adolescent birth rate is higher than many Asian countries and there is a significant number of unwanted pregnancies - per the Population Reference Bureau and the Ministry of Health, adolescent girls have ~1/5 of abortions annually nationwide. The area around Hue is a major source of human trafficking within Vietnam and there is significant poverty.


VANGO’s mission is to strengthen humanitarian and development work in Vietnam. The NGO has four goals to build civil society: Capacity building, Inter-organizational Communications and Community Awareness, Advocacy, and Partnerships. Its founders and leadership are well regarded in the Vietnamese philanthropy sector. VANGO was a founding partner for the Health Initiative through Peer Education (HIPE) program, which addresses health and social issues in the most disadvantaged communities through youth empowerment and community engagement. HIPE trains at-risk school-aged youth through an innovative peer-education model in leadership, life skills, community mobilization, health education and wider societal issues. HIPE Peer Health Educators (PHEs) deliver health information in urban and rural schools, and make condoms available.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 5th grant to VANGO will further strengthen and expand its HIPE (Health Initiative through Peer Education) sexual and reproductive health education program to reach 24,000 young people in schools with regular and one-time sessions, and 3,000 in communities, shelters and universities via trained peer educators (PE). VANGO will be able to expand its SRH intervention in schools in high-risk areas, and reach more young people with information on gender, anti-human trafficking and child sexual abuse.

Primary Location: Hue


Funded Since: 2014

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Posted 02 November 2016
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