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Alex Runs the London Marathon 2017 for EMpower!

Posted 15 May 2017 in EMpower News   |   Share


In April 2017, Alex Williamson ran the London Marathon in support of EMpower. He completed this huge challenge and managed to raise an incredible £8,717 for EMpower’s work with at-risk youth! Alex gave us a write-up of his experience:

“There is an old saying: “pain is temporary, glory is immortal”.

I had plenty of chances to think this through last Sunday as time seemingly slowed to a standstill while running the last 6 miles of the London marathon; the latter parts of a marathon resembling less of a run and something more like an Echer painting: every step forward making you feel the finish was two steps further away. The pain certainly didn’t feel temporary.

Still, this all gave me plenty of time to contemplate why I had volunteered to swap my usual Sunday for a lactic-acid fuelled inferno in my legs. The reality is that a few hours of organized pain on a Sunday morning in East London is nothing compared to the hardships which so many people face every day in the Emerging Markets; they don’t get an energy drink every few miles, there’s no photographer with a digital camera to capture “their moment” and the only reward they get at the finish is the right to do it all over again – this just their daily commute to school.

So, while my pain last weekend was temporary – please do something glorious today: make a donation to EMpower and create a lasting improvement to young people’s lives.”

Well done Alex! You can still support and congratulate him by clicking here

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