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Team Disco Bus conquers the Rickshaw Run!

Posted 04 May 2017 in EMpower News   |   Share


Congratulations to Team Disco Bus for completing the 2017 Rickshaw Run! This brave team of 9 EMpower supporters took on this Indian adventure with no set route, no accommodation, and no help when they broke down to raise money for EMpower and two other charities.

Despite breaking down within sight of the starting line, the team traveled in 3 rickshaws, described as “7-horsepower glorified lawnmowers”, to conquer this 2-week, 3500km journey and raise over £5,800 to support EMpower, Cool Earth and Tusk Trust.

Kudos to Team Disco Bus: Richard Rouse, Rachel North, Clara Liddell, Robert Darling, Laura Westley, Edward Jackson, Sandro Hinds, Joe Martin and Freddie Moore for this incredible feat. Thank you all for your support!

See more incredible photos and updates from the journey at:

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