We are Looking for an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Consultant to Develop a Roadmap to our Goals

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Terms of Reference for an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility consultant for EMpower–The Emerging Markets Foundation to develop a roadmap to our goals.

Project NameDeveloping recommendations to help EMpower continue progress towards its IDEA goals 

Tentative TimelinePlanning Nov 2022Undertake the research and development process of IDEA recommendations from December 2022–early April 2023; Draft Recommendations due early April 2023; Final Recommendations due June-July 2023

Background and Context  

EMpower partners with local organisations in emerging market countries, and other change-makers, to enable marginalised young people to transform their lives and communities. We provide grants and other support to local, dedicated organisations focused on solutions that integrate the voices and experiences of young people (ages 10–24).

We have 42 staff members and consultants in 10 countries, with offices in London, New York, Delhi, and Hong Kong, as well as several staff living in several of our focus countries (e.g. South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico). EMpower staff members represent a vast range of lived experiences, identities, and cultures. 

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Black Lives Matter movement, and other racial justice and human rights movements around the world catalysed new approaches and reprioritised equity and justice. Inspired by peers within the sector, EMpower staff, with the support of the organisation’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), created the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) taskforce to further embed these principles in EMpower's work. The organisation is committed to infusing IDEA throughout its internal culture, systems, and processes

Since mid-2020, EMpower has made significant progress resulting in:

  • Enhanced transparency, accountability, and power sharing.
  • Advanced diversity at the leadership level.
  • Continued opportunities for IDEA learning for all staff.
  • More equitable distribution of grantmaking funds.
  • Improvements at the People & Culture level.

It is important to mention that EMpower has embarked on defining a set of organisational values that all staff members at EMpower should hold. This is in the spirit of anchoring a shared set of mutual expectations and fostering a healthy culture among a growing and diverse group of staff working from more places across the globe.

As a next step in our evolution, we would like to build a roadmap that could serve as a compass to guide the work of the IDEA Taskforce and the organisation through the end of our current Strategic Planning period, 2025. This document will help us chart out how we can reach our strategic goals in this area. The roadmap will lay out progress made on IDEA in the last two years, where we are now, where we want to go, and how to get there.


Develop recommendations to help EMpower achieve its IDEA strategic planning goal by 2025 and to realise the organisation’s vision.

  • FY2025 Strategic Planning IDEA-related goal:  Strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in talent management, governance, grant-making, communications, and organisational culture, through policies, practices, and accountability measures.
  • Vision for IDEA: EMpower is committed to infusing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) throughout our internal culture, systems, and processes.

Scope of Work

The consultant will undertake the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Planning (Nov 2022).
    • Develop a project workplan and timeline, including finalizing the material to be reviewed, the people to be interviewed, and a final work schedule.
  • Conduct desk research and collect qualitative data to understand EMpower’s progress on IDEA-related goals to-date and to inform next steps in the process including the development of recommendations (Dec 2022–early Apr 2023).
    • Conduct a desk review and research: Review material provided by the IDEA Taskforce (jointly defined in the planning process). The consultant may conduct desk research if relevant and needed during this process.
    • Collect qualitative data related to IDEA at EMpower: EMpower looks to have valuable insights from qualitative data (could be collected through key informant interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.) from a robust group of EMpower stakeholders (e.g., EMpower’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the HR team, IDEA Taskforce members, select staff members, and several Board members) to inform the process.
  • Lead working meetings with the IDEA Taskforce, with regular touch points with the SLT at key stages during the period of this consultancy (at the beginning and after completing findings and recommendations).
  • Develop concrete recommendations for how EMpower can best achieve its IDEA-related strategic planning goal by 2025 (the end of EMpower’s current 5-year strategic plan) and further achieve its broader vision for IDEA at the organisational level (April- July 2023).
    • Deliver a draft version of the report no later than early April (early April 2023). As part of the process, we hope that there will be a comprehensive outline of a roadmap that can provide guidance to inform the planning and budgeting process for next fiscal year. That said, it is expected to be a comprehensive outline document with details to be fleshed out gradually.
    • The final product should include a summary of EMpower’s IDEA progress to-date and the qualitative research findings, as well as concrete recommendations and suggested action items for how EMpower can best achieve its IDEA-related strategic planning goal over the next three years. The report (Word or PPT) should be no more than 20 pages/slides. EMpower suggests the document includes the following sections.
      • Methodology: A description of the process and sources used.
      • Findings: A clear set of key findings from the research, including gaps and opportunities for growth.
      • Recommendations: A roadmap that outlines specific goals and strategies that align with EMpower’s strategic IDEA goal and the IDEA Taskforce’s vision. The set of strategies to support EMpower progress on IDEA should be by focus areas considering the priority level and complexity, along with a timeline (short, medium, or long-term action).
  • Complete the work within the agreed timeline and submit the final report to EMpower by mid- June 2023 in the format requested (word document or PPT).

Aspired End-State

We are committed to having IDEA principles shape the entire organisation: our programmes, practices, and social interactions. We hope the Roadmap outlines goals, strategies, and outcomes for what we aim to achieve over the next three years. We aim to have a living document that evolves along with EMpower and helps us realise our vision. Specifically, we want to:

  • Understand where EMpower is on the IDEA journey and identify a growth pathway (i.e., next steps to creating a workplace that nurtures inclusion and belonging for all).
  • Receive recommended actions to be accomplished in short-, medium-, and long-term.
  • Know how to ensure a plan that EMpower can practically implement.
  • Communicate clearly our vision at all levels.

Lastly, we hope that during this process, we can respond to the question: What do we want to see EMpower accomplish by the end of FY25 (by the end of June 2025)?

Request for Application

Please submit a two-page document in which you address the following: 

  • Describe why you and/or your organisation are the best suited to do this work, including previous or similar work you have undertaken.
  • Summarise the process you would follow during each of the phases laid out in the Scope of Work section.
  • Include an estimate for the Number of Days and Cost for this consultancy.

Please email the application or any questions to Mireille Posse on by Friday November 11, 2022.

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