About Us: Our Values

We experience and build a trusting connection with each other.

  • We assume good intentions.
  • We value each other’s uniqueness.
  • We trust and value the importance of lived experience, including the perspectives of people within EMpower, young people, and their communities.
  • We show up with authenticity, grace, and humility.

Our commitment is sustained by our integrity.

  • We are committed to sustainable change.
  • Our word is our bond and we walk the extra mile to deliver on our promises.
  • We share a version of a world made better by and for young people, and a passion to get there.
  • We are consistently and mindfully committed to our partners.

Together we drive flexible innovation.

  • We learn continuously and work collectively and creatively to catalyze innovation.
  • We listen to and find synergies in each other’s ideas.
  • We learn from and build on the work that comes before.
  • We keep agile by being responsive and relevant in a rapidly changing environment.