Areas of Focus: Economic Well-Being

Economic well-being embraces the principles of access to decent, dignified, and safe work at fair wages, and knowledge and ability to make and implement decisions on financial and other resources. We support local organisations that enable young people to build assets and a range of knowledge-based, technical, practical, and social skills; and to have primary decision-making power over their economic resources.

Examples are:

  • workforce and career counselling, mentoring and coaching 
  • entrepreneurship skills training
  • employability training and job placement
  • non-traditional income generation for young women
  • financial literacy
  • financial services, resources, savings capability, and asset-building
  • critical thinking, communication, and other job-readiness skills

Our aims are to:

  • Enhance employability and job-readiness
  • Increase financial literacy
  • Help young people build assets, such as saving for the future or accessing microcredit where appropriate
  • Prepare youth to grow their potential through self-employment, entrepreneurship, or vocational skills
  • Open new horizons, such as training in nontraditional fields like construction work for young women

Grantee Partner Spotlight

Urban Agriculture Network (URBANET)

In Ghana, youth make up about 1/3 of the population, facing a steep competition for jobs. EMpower’s engagement in the country is anchored in creating and improving livelihoods for its young people. Many young Ghanaians—mainly young women—journey from the underserved, rural northern regions to Kumasi and Greater Accra in search of better opportunities. We partner with organisations who operate along this migration route. 

One such partner is Urban Agriculture Network (URBANET) which is a network of small-scale farmer organisations that promotes sustainable agronomic practices as a means to ensuring food security and sustainable and productive livelihoods. The organisation creates an enabling business environment for young women entrepreneurs—in which their voices are heard and from which their entire community benefits. 

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