COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

The most vulnerable are the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the young people we work with to support through the tireless efforts of our grantee partners in 15 emerging market countries.

In communities such as slums and townships, where disease is already rife and water is often scarce, the COVID-19 virus has the capability to cause unimaginable damage. Cutbacks to work and income are already proving a huge challenge, without paid benefits to fall back on. Marginalized people such as refugees and migrants will be hardest hit – food insecurity is already a huge problem.

With your support, we can help thousands of marginalized youth through this difficult time. Each community is different, and we respond to their specific context and urgent need. At this time of crisis, we bring flexibility, support and cash grants where they are needed. Your donation will provide masks and sanitizer gels, distributed by our partners who are well-known and trusted in the communities we work. Your donation will help young people who are out of school to continue their studies remotely. Most importantly, your donation will get accurate information out to communities so they know how to stay safe.

Our generous Underwriters cover our overhead costs, which means that for every donation:

  • You won’t pay a penny towards fundraising costs
  • Your money will not go to overhead such as rent and utilities
  • Your money will not be used for administrative expenses

100% of your donation will impact the lives of young people who are dealing with the devastation of COVID-19. Please donate now!

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100% of your donation goes directly to support at-risk youth

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