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EMpower is always exploring opportunities to align businesses and organisations that share similar commitments to empower young people. There are many different ways to sponsor and support our work with partners.

Strategic partnership is at the core of how EMpower advances its mission. We have a history of innovative partnerships with corporations, foundations and other institutions and organisations.

Partners support a variety of programmes that work with organisations globally to create long-term change. Each partnership is unique in its focus and its scope, but all support the important work of empowering youth as leaders now and for their futures.

Our partnerships offer meaningful impact in your life and work. Our diverse portfolio results in partnerships that bring value and meaning, and being part of life-changing opportunities for young people.

EMpower partnership makes sense because:

Our mission resonates

We provide meaningful and long-term support to partners for innovative, locally-relevant programming that uplifts marginalised young people.

Our reputation is global

20 years of deep, specialised experience and expertise around grantmaking for youth in emerging markets. Our longstanding partnerships with stellar funders such as the NoVo Foundation, and with firms like Citi, Cargill, and Liquidity Finance.

Customized partnership options

We are continuously cultivating a global network of powerful cross-sector connections – with young people, donors, grantee partners and professional peers. We welcome your ideas of how we can effectively develop a plan to meet your goals.

We measure results and operate with efficiency & transparency

For 7 years, we have received the top rating (four stars) from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator, which rates thousands of organisations based on financial health, accountability and transparency.

Established ties with financial institutions:

We help channel the finance sector’s resources toward better, faster and bolder investing in young leaders and organisations. We currently have offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Delhi as well as a presence in Istanbul and Singapore.

Opportunities for Partnership

Groundbreaking Partnerships & Initiatives

The NoVo Foundation

​The NoVo Foundation has partnered with EMpower since 2009 to empower adolescent girls around the world. NoVo’s support of EMpower has enabled initiatives including the Adolescent Girls Learning Community in Mumbai, global Learning Exchanges to foster knowledge-building among grantees, Learning Journey workshops to help grantees become more effective and the Spark and Ignite Grants Awards to spark innovation.

Citi e for Education

Citi e for education is a global initiative that has raised nearly $30 million in support of education-related philanthropies around the world. Since 2013, Citi has donated funds to education-focused philanthropic organizations, including EMpower, based on a percentage of institutional transactions over a broad range of its electronic platforms during a defined period of time. Citi e for Education support has had an immense impact in strengthening EMpower’s work in education.

More Partners & Initiatives Making an Impact
To find out more about creating a customized partnership program with EMpower, contact us directly:
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Kayla Kohlenberg
Myria Antony
Hong Kong
Ricky Hui
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Prachi Gupta

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