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EMpower in CHINA

Our work in China is focused on the needs of migrant youth in education, adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and aims to increase their livelihoods opportunities. It is geographically clustered in Beijing, Guangzhou and Kunming.

Issues affecting Youth

With a wave of rural to urban migration, more than 38 million migrant children, age 18 or younger, have migrated internally to accompany their parents. Migration is controlled by the hukou (household registration) system. As a result, migrant workers and their children are not considered legally to be urban workers and have therefore only limited access to urban social benefits. Migrants often face discrimination, exclusion, instability, and sometimes language barriers.

Limited access to Education

Because of the hukou system, access to education in public schools is limited for migrant youth. Without an urban status, migrant youth mostly have to attend schools specifically for migrant children that often have poor teaching quality and can only be attended at higher costs.

Health and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues

Migrant children and adolescents can only access state services in their home province, excluding them from a wide range of health services in their new home towns. Among migrant youth, more stress-related diseases, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and high abortion rates are common, also due to poor living and working conditions. Moreover, a lack of access to adequate SRH information and related services can be observed.

Youth unemployment on the rise

Migrant youth face a more difficult transition from school to the formal job market, and are at higher risk for unemployment or entry into the lower paying informal job sectors. The government is making efforts to fight youth unemployment in general, but these efforts need more momentum.

Our Approach to tackling the Issues

  • Support of education programs providing life and job/career planning skills including information on gender issues for migrant children and youth.
  • Support of adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs linking migrant youth to accurate SRH information and (youth-friendly) services, in taking into account the special needs of young female migrants and gender issues.
  • Support of livelihoods programs for migrant youth that prepare them with job readiness skills and link them to decent employment opportunities, especially young women.

Other countries in Asia:

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