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The Zubin Mahtani Gidumal Foundation Limited

TZF was founded in 2013 by Shalini Mahtani (current CEO of TZF) and Ravi Gidumal, aiming to improve the lives of ethnic minorities (EM) living in HK, a population that is largely marginalized. The organization strives for a systematic inclusion of this population through conducting research, developing and implementing projects and influencing public policy.

EMpower’s 1st Girls Fund award to The Zubin Foundation (TZF) will empower 15 young ethnic minority (EM) women, aged 18 to 22, with training and mentoring and bring their voices at the centre. They will shape planning, design and implementation of the project and will be part of its monitoring and evaluation. Moreover, 3 of the 15 young EM women will be part of the project Steering Committee that will meet regularly to reflect on the project at different stages. The female project participants will participate in a series of trainings and mentoring sessions entirely grounded in their needs They will also plan and design with their 9 female mentors their own community outreach projects and will implement the wining project together in their EM communities. The exact content of the core project offers (trainings, mentoring sessions, and community outreach project) is open as it will be decided with them, but surely deal with life challenges and discrimination they often face. At the end of the project, young EM women will become visible ambassadors for their community when rolling out their outreach project.

Primary Location: Hong Kong


Funded Since: 2020

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