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Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG)


Ghana has a youth unemployment rate of approximately 25%. This is twice the rate of unemployment in the 24-44 age group and three times that of the 45-64 age group. Only 11.5% of the labor force works in the formal sector, with youth accounting for 14% of regular wage earners. Employment opportunities are even scarcer in Northern Ghana where poor education rates (55% has never been to school) and unfavorable climatic conditions force young women to migrate to Accra and Kumasi to earn a living. With no education or other skills, many young women migrants resort to working as head porters in transport stations and market centers. Many are unable to earn enough to secure safe accommodation and access to sanitary facilities.


NEWIG was established in 2002 and remains one of the few organizations in Ghana focusing on advancing women’s rights and raising the status of women in the social, political and economic life of the country. NEWIG believes that advocacy for women’s rights is not enough and that any effort to change women’s lives should involve practical steps to advance women economically. Over the years, NEWIG has trained thousands of women in setting up or developing their businesses. NEWIG’s Executive Director, Mawusi Awity, is a Small Business Development Expert with training in Advanced Entrepreneurship from the University of Ghana’s School of Business.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 8th grant to NEWIG will support the training of 15 young women in key construction industry vocational skills and will link them to insiders who will facilitate their entry in the industry and mentor them for at least a year. The young women will also be provided with business and cooperative management skills as well as gender awareness and self-defense.

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