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Chehak Charitable Trust (Sahyog)

Sahyog is an initiative of Chehak Trust. We at Sahyog are committed to a community-based model of social change, responsive to the expressed and felt needs of women and children. We strongly believe that education is the cornerstone of social change and work for sustainable change in women and children from marginalized communities by providing them with enrichment education, special education, life skills and access to vocational opportunities

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 1st grant to Chehak Trust will enable them to design and implement an intervention focused on enabling adolescent girls to acquire life skills and capabilities to achieve their educational goals and an increase in self-esteem. EMpower supported life-skills programme will have three components titled Jism, Jahan, Zindagi and (body, the world and life). Each of these addresses a set of core concerns – body, bodily changes and self-identity (Jism), interacting with their physical and social environment (Jahan) and interpersonal relationships within the family and outside (Zindagi).

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