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Ikorodu and Mainland Local Government Areas are mostly populated by low-income earners with a combined population of approximately 1.7 million people, with almost half of the population aged under 20 years and female. Although there are health facilities in the area, they are not child/youth friendly and as a result girls and young women do not receive adequate information and services. Early pregnancy rates are increasing as are attempted suicides and depression rates.


HACEY is a non-profit organisation committed to creating a healthy and sustainable society for all young Nigerians, especially women and girls. It was set up in 2007, by three young university graduates passionate about youth development. Its work is based on their i.C.A.R.E strategy which is an acronym for Innovation, Capacity Building, Advocacy, Research and Education and is structured around three programmatic areas: Health; Empowerment and Education; Advocacy. 

Current Grant:

EMpower's first grant to HACEY will help set up safe spaces and support 300 girls (13-19) to obtain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions as regards their health, finance and personal development. The grant will also support the organization to maintain their capacity in providing mental health support to both young people and staff. 

Primary Location: Lagos


Funded Since: 2022

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