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EMpower in RUSSIA

EMpower focuses on Livelihoods, Education and Health and Well-being in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia has a population of over 142 million, with young people aged 10-24 representing 18% of the population. There are 500,000 orphaned youth in Russia.

Issues affecting Youth

Sexual health issues and high rates of HIV

HIV prevalence has increased fivefold over the last 10 years in Russia, with 930,000 people registered as HIV+. More than half of new infections are caused by intravenous drug use.

Drug and alcohol abuse

1.8 million people (2.3% of the population) inject drugs in Russia, over 90% of whom do not have access to clean needles. On average, each Russian consumes 18 liters of spirits per year (double the level considered dangerous by the World Health Organization), leading to disease and a substantially lower life expectancy of 66 years for men.

Institutionalization of young people

There are over 500,000 registered orphans in Russia, many of whom grow up in state-run institutions. 60-95% of these children are considered social orphans, meaning that one or both of their biological parents are alive but unable or unwilling to care for them. Often they lack essential life skills to navigate independent life outside of institutions and as a result they often become homeless and involved in crime.

Delayed employment

In Russia the unemployment rate for youth aged 15-24 averages 14%, with a higher rate for young women (17%) than young men (13%). A long transition period from school to work exists, as job seekers often take over six months to find a job, that many times proves to be inadequately paid, bad quality or insecure. ‘Latent unemployment,’ which occurs when educational skills are under-utilized, is also prevalent.

Our Approach to tackling the Issues

EMpower supports local organizations that:

  • Recognize and focus on the difficulties that many young people who have grown up in state care face in adapting and transitioning to life outside of institutions.
  • Focus on youth who are at risk of, or in, trouble with the law.
  • Develop approaches applicable to institutionalized and other at-risk groups of young people

Other countries in Turkey & Russia:

Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.