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Children’s Radio Foundation


Children's Radio Foundation uses radio to create youth opportunities through dialogue, participation, leadership and active citizenship in communities across Africa. The work is guided by a vision of young people sharing their future and strengthening themselves, their families, and their communities. Issues addressed by youth reporters include adolescent health, climate change, HIV and AIDS, human rights, equal rights, and migration.


EMpower’s Current Grant to Children Radio Foundation


EMpower’s 2nd grant to Children Radio Foundation (CRF) will be to train and support 50 youth reporters (38 female, 11 male and 1 gender non-binary) as they produce radio shows, podcast episodes and campaign activities on mental health and gender themes. The objective is to increase confidence, communication and critical thing skills among the 50 youth reporters. In addition, the aims are to increase resilience and positive mental health, as well as a deeper understanding of GBV, amongst not only the 50 youth reporters, but also the estimated 1 000 youth campaign participants (50% female). The proposed grant will ensure that the project is centred in the lives of girls and young women by not only providing them with a platform to share stories and experiences but also take a leadership role in research around the issues that affect their own health.

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