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Fundación Defensores del Chaco (Defensores)


Districts in the greater Buenos Aires area currently experience a high level of social volatility, with violence and cynicism overshadowing constructive action and involvement for young people. There are no short or long-term alternatives for the community to improve living conditions and hunger, school dropouts, and structural unemployment prevail. A survey conducted among young people in greater Buenos Aires found that 65% felt they did not have opportunities to get a job, continue their studies, or responsibly form a family. Many claimed that this lack of opportunities and the context in which they live (poverty, substance abuse, violence etc.) makes them live day to day – they believe that death is a common outcome for youth.


Since 1994, Defensores del Chaco (Defensores) has worked in Chaco Chico of Paso del Rey, Moreno district of greater Buenos Aires. With a large immigrant population that is not incorporated into the formal labor market, education nor health systems, Northwest greater BA is one of its poorest areas. Defensores works in the areas of sport, art, access to justice, health and education, has its own Football Club, its cultural center, a daycare for infants, and a legal and community support center. The organization trains young leaders and improves the quality of life of the members of the community, with 1800 children and young adults participate annually in its activities. There is a strong commitment to educate younger generations so that they occupy spaces of decision and action in their communities, as reference and community leaders.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 3rd grant to Defensores will support the continuation and expansion of their Street Football (SF) methodology in high schools to address issues such as violence, discrimination, dropout, and sedentary lifestyle. Defensores will also seek to consolidate a national network of schools applying the SF methodology to share experiences and lessons learned.

Where is Fundación Defensores del Chaco (Defensores)?

Primary Location: Buenos Aires


Funded Since: 2014

Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.