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Love´s Bridge/Zashita

HIV infection rates in the Perm region of Russia are double the average for the Russian Federation and more than half of the individuals living with HIV are under 30 years old. Love’s Bridge, in partnership with Zashita, give the most vulnerable young people in Perm the opportunity to fulfil their potential and become healthy and self-reliant adults. Zashita provides individual educational and health support to youth people in the Perm region who are currently, or at risk for, living a life on the street involving drugs and crime.

With EMpower’s third grant, Love’s Bridge/Zashita will continue work led by peer educators to raise awareness about the health and other risks of drug use and unprotected sex, and through their “School without Classes” program, provide mentoring academic tutoring to stem youth drop out or time on the streets using drugs; and mentor youth in Youth Detention Centers.

Where is Love´s Bridge/Zashita?


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