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Nu3 Foundation


Young women live in economic insecurity and unemployment due to low educational levels and employment opportunities, and the poverty in which they are immersed. Young women in the region face a 21% unemployment rate, while their male counterparts face 15%.


Founded in 2005, Nu3 has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of working with at-risk young women and mothers in entrepreneurship and income generation activities, while emphasizing nutrition as a basic core component of its work. Nu3 is recognized locally and regionally as the NGO with the largest coverage in early childhood nutrition and a key implementer of public and private sector comprehensive programs. As such, their ability to incorporate young women into their value chain of food production, sale, and distribution is vast with strong potential for growth and sustainability.

Current Grant:

With EMpower’s 3rd grant, Nu3 will enable 40 young women and mothers to earn income through formation of small businesses through a new women’s association, leveraging Nu3’s alliances and assets, also emphasizing sexual health protection.

Where is Nu3 Foundation?


Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.