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Projeto Uere


Residents of Rio’s favelas generally have minimal education or access to the formal labor market. Due to high levels of violence, there is a shortage of primary schools and qualified teachers prepared to work in the slums. Complexo da Maré (complex of 16 favelas outside Rio) is dominated by three rival drug factions who impose their own arbitrary law on the population and are in constant territorial armed disputes, making the public security conditions unpredictable and dangerous. 30% of the total population of Maré is between the ages of 1-14. Of those (and despite 92% being enrolled in public school) only 16.5% finish elementary school and only 2% finish high school.


Projeto Uerê (Uerê), founded in 1998 as an afterschool program in the favela of Baixa do Sapateiro, uses an alternative teaching methodology that specializes in children with constant traumas caused by several types of violence, leading to severe learning difficulties. The methodology focuses on the concept of emotional intelligence, brain plasticity, speedy storage of information, and a very simple way of explaining curricular contents. Uerê has received international recognition as a model school. Its methodology has become widely recognized by the governments in Rio and Recife (it was selected as a model alternative pedagogy by a partnership between Rio de Janeiro Municipality and UNESCO), and is being adopted by many public schools.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s second grant to Projeto Uerê will continue supporting its afterschool program (5x/week), which utilizes computers to teach English, Portuguese, Math, and work preparation classes for youth. Uerê will use a curriculum it improved during our last grant that incorporates new programs and technology/equipment, e.g. computer memory and math games, photo/illustrator and editing programs. Uerê seeks to: 1) improve overall cognitive skills using oral exercises and class-based competitions to increase logical thinking and mental speed; 2) increase literacy and cognition through focused computer activities and increase computer understanding and usage; and 3) enhance professionalism and competitive edge of students by incorporating applied computer classes.

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Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.