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Schools and Teacher Innovating for Results (STIR)


Despite being the capital of India, and a thriving urban hub, Delhi still needs to bridge the 11% gender gap in literacy. Teachers and principals report figures as high as 25% girl dropout after class 8, and 40% after class 10 due to a number of reasons–familial pressures to earn a living, early marriage, lack of understanding of benefits of schooling for girls as well as boys or support for continued learning etc. Girls also tend to miss school more often, being primary care-givers of siblings when both parents are working long hours to support the family.

Even when enrolled in school, girls are affected by lack of at-home support, resulting from low parental literacy, pressures to supplement family income rather than study; domestic or public harassment leading to curtailing of mobility, and nutritional development issues. Furthermore, the pedagogy used in most schools is outdated, teachers themselves are unaware of gender biases, and there is low awareness of financial incentives for girls schooling from government schemes.


Established in 2012, STIR creates a movement of teachers who can drive quality within their schools & classrooms. STIR first identifies existing “bright spots”-schools & teachers already implementing small-scale, low (or zero) cost practices (micro-innovations, MI) that directly or indirectly improve education quality. Second, from amongst these, the most innovative ideas are shortlisted & finalised through teacher, partner & expert feedback. Simultaneously, leveraging the search process, STIR education leaders facilitate the creation of a teacher network comprised of 40-50 teachers who share ideas & experiences, implement MIs, & receive training to become change-makers. To support & sustain this network, STIR catalyses an ecosystem of partners to provide further quality enhancing services in areas such as pedagogy, teacher professional development, parental & community engagement.

Where is Schools and Teacher Innovating for Results (STIR)?

Primary Location: New Delhi


Funded Since: 2014

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