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Science Heroes Association (SHA)


According to the Pisa 2012 results, although Turkey improved both its mathematics performance and its levels of equity in education since the first PISA test in 2003, Turkey still has a mean performance below the OECD average in maths, reading and science. Turkey is the 44th in maths, 42th in reading and 43th in science amongst the surveyed 65 OECD countries. The OECD’s new Survey of Adult Skills finds that foundation skills in mathematics have a major impact on individuals’ life chances. The survey shows that poor mathematics skills severely limit people’s access to better-paying and more rewarding jobs. According to the PISA gender analysis report (2012), even high achiever girls lack confidence in mathematics and four times the number of boys as girls consider a career in engineering and computing.


A) programs aspire for children and youngsters to be the builders, inventors, scientists and engineers of the future. In addition to this, they aim to improve their skills and attitudes such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking, research and questioning, teamwork, socialization, time management, presentation and empathy.

The main goals of SHA are to: Attract youth to basic sciences from an early age; organize events so youth can imagine themselves as the scientists, engineers, able entrepreneurs, and empowered global citizens of the future; and encourage young scientists and engineers.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s grant to 1st SHA will reach 12-16 year old girls who live in dormitories to increase their self-esteem and awareness, instill an interest in subjects such as science, mathematics, and basic software programming, and to develop their skills of expression, listening, time management, empathy, sharing, teamwork, and process oriented and algorithmic thinking.

Where is Science Heroes Association (SHA)?


Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.