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The Learner’s Network

Young women in South Africa face critical health issues such as high rates of early pregnancy and of HIV & AIDS. Lack of employment opportunities lead some young women to seek out ‘sugar daddies’ for survival, which further exposes them to sexual health risks such as unplanned pregnancy, violence, and sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

TLN was formed in 2002 by a group of young people who expressed interest in taking collective action in their communities against HIV/AIDS. Today, the Learners Network works to develop a cadre of youth leaders that are informed and able to inform their peers, and other community members, about key issues affecting youth such as HIV/AIDS, gender equality, teen pregnancy, poverty, violence and drug abuse.

EMpower’s third grant to The Learner’s Network focuses on institutional strengthening, including leadership succession, fundraising and monitoring and evaluation – as it transitions to an authentically youth-led structure.

Where is The Learner’s Network?

Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.