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19 December 2023

EMpower x Khoj Studios | A Framework for Caring Cities

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On Tuesday, EMpower and Khoj Studios came together for our first event as part of a unique collaboration. Through a workshop, Framework for Caring Cities, we witnessed the beautiful convergence of two worlds, where girl leaders and artists created a space to unpack and engage on issues of identity, safety, mobility, and freedom against the backdrop of the city.

We are deeply grateful to the Khoj team for hosting us with such warmth and generosity that we felt instantly at home! Our heartfelt thanks to the artists, Rwitee Mandal and Saleha Sapra, for facilitating compelling conversations and interactions. And to Pooja Dhingra and Reshu Singh for visually documenting the entire process—we are beyond excited to see what the results look like!

Finally, a huge shoutout to our girl leaders and mentors from Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), Ideosync Media Combine, JOSH, and Swechha India for your indispensable wisdom, and for always showing up with tenacity and empathy.  

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Upcoming Events & Webinars
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