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14 December 2023

Learning and Unlearning in Participatory Approaches—Our Journey in Partnerships

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We dove deep into EMpower's journey in participatory approaches for over a decade. The webinar was moderated by Seema Dosad, who has had a fantastic journey with EMpower, from a girl leader in the Learning Community to now an Alumnae Engagement Intern with us.

We were stoked to be joined by panellists whom we have co-conspired and collaborated with over the years, to make significant strides in centring young people: Prabhleen Tuteja, Executive Director at The YP Foundation, Puja Roy, Programme Advisor India at Girls First Fund, Suniti Neogy, Senior Technical Advisor Gender and Systems Change at CARE USA and Tanya Dikshit, Associate at the 10to19 Dasra Adolescent Collaborative.

Watch the recording here

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