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9 Grants and 3 New Organizations Approved at Grants Meeting in Hong Kong!

Posted 04 June 2018 in EMpower News   |   Share


EMpower’s fourth of five grants meetings this fiscal year took place in Hong Kong on Thursday, May 31st. We are thrilled to announce that 9 grants totaling $395,000 were approved, including three new organizations that were approved as grantee partners (1 in Hong Kong, 1 in the Philippines and 1 in India). We are excited about the new approaches to livelihoods that these grants will support, including paying attention to important differences in opportunities and situations for young females and males, from which we and our grantees can learn from and share in the future.

Grants were approved for the following grantee partners:

Know One Teach One (Vietnam), REACH (Vietnam), Hong Kong Unison (China), Passerelles numériques Philippines (The Philippines), Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group (India), Medha Corp. (India), SAATH Charitable Trust (India), Azad Foundation (India), Antarang Foundation (India).

Thank you to all EMpower donors for making this support possible!

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