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A Statement of Solidarity from EMpower

Posted 05 June 2020 in EMpower News   |   Share

The tragic, senseless recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Aubery, and so many before them have unleashed grief and outrage, and shone a bright light on racism in the US and many other places. Moreover, the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the marginalized has pierced the veil that masked stark inequalities and deep-rooted prejudices and racism.

As citizens, funders and employers, we are asking ourselves: how can we make a world that is there for all of us, not just for some?

For twenty years, EMpower’s mission has been to promote a world where ALL young people—regardless of their skin color, gender, economic status, creed or heritage—have equal opportunities, are valued equally, and are treated with dignity and respect. We trust the leadership of young people. We believe in young people’s right to voice their views and speak their conscience without fearing for their safety, lives, health or livelihoods. We condemn all forms of violence, discrimination, exploitation, intimidation and oppression. We stand shoulder to shoulder with partners, young people, and allies to create a more equal, just and inclusive world.

While these are troubling times for the young people and the communities in the countries where EMpower works and has local staff, our bent is for hope and towards productive action. We re-commit to our role as a funder and partner to strengthen spaces and opportunities for young people to lead and to create a better future, with our full support.

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