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Advancing learning through collaboration with our grantee partners in Mumbai

Posted 31 May 2019 in EMpower News, Grantee Partner News   |   Share


During a trip to our grantee partners in Mumbai, EMpower’s Senior Program Officer in India, Alifya Loharchalwala organized a visit for Rafael Biosse-Duplan, EMpower Board Director (UK) and our grantee partner, Antarang Foundation. The exchange generated interesting and important conversations around the need for donor “education,” especially within the context of seeing youth education and employment along the same continuum and as a journey from one to the other.

Rafael shared his experience from the meeting:

“This was an opportunity to get to know the remarkable team behind Antarang Foundation, appreciate the cultural and social
complexity of their work and discuss a wide range of issues from donor education to movement building. Next steps include visiting the programs, and providing even more support to our partners through mentorship, collaboration and further introductions.”

Mini-roundtables: A new format of interaction

Alifya also organized a mini-roundtable for EMpower’s livelihoods grantee partners based in Mumbai – Antarang Foundation, Akshara Centre and Bright Future Foundation. The
meeting culminated with all three organizations signing up to participate in a joint event on gender and livelihoods, and take the discussions on curriculum
design forward.

The mini-roundtable was the first of its kind for EMpower in India, and going forward, this format of interaction paves the way for more collaborative work between our grantee partners within the same portfolio and creates opportunities for them to share their work and best practices with each other.

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