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EMpower HK Board Awards $534,000 to Seven Partners in Asia

Posted 30 June 2023 in EMpower News   |   Share

This year, EMpower and its Hong Kong Board approved $534,000 in seven grants to grantee partners in emerging market countries in East and Southeast Asia. The board approved three grants totalling $319,000, and an additional $215,000 in five grants were approved internally. 

Highlights from this latest round of grants include:

  • This June docket is the final of five this fiscal year for EMpower (2 in UK, 2 in HK, 1 in US). 
  • We are excited to welcome Arus Pelangi as our new grantee partner in Indonesia.

Below is a short summary of the board-approved grants that we are making:

Hong Kong Unison Limited, Hong Kong ($97,000 USD for 24 months)

EMpower's fifth grant to Hong Kong Unison Limited aims to provide comprehensive support to 1,155 ethnic minority students by offering life and employability skills training, along with valuable mentoring opportunities. HK Unison will continue to implement their updated in-school programme, organising training sessions and workshops to inspire these young individuals and help them establish and work toward realistic life and career objectives. Additionally, EMpower's flexible support will assist HK Unison in covering a portion of their utility expenses.

Photovoices International, Indonesia ($67,000 USD for 12 months)

EMpower’s second grant to Photovoices International will strengthen the capacity and support network of at least 45 young people from two of our other regional grantee partner organisations, Roots of Health in the Philippines and Yayasan Kusuma Buana in Indonesia, in using the Photovoices approach. We will help these organisations to meaningfully engage a larger number of young people in their programmes. This will enable them to sustainably implement the Photovoices approach beyond the grant period, establishing a solid foundation for engaging youth as both participants and leaders.

Research for Education and Career Help Institute (REACH), Vietnam ($155,000 USD for 24 months)

EMpower's sixth grant to REACH will offer vocational training opportunities to 1,700 marginalised young people through various models and at multiple locations. This will be achieved through three programme components:

  • Vocational training at REACH training centres
  • Alumni-led vocational training
  • Training for young people in remote areas

With EMpower’s flexible funding, REACH will further strengthen its financial sustainability and build the capacities of its staff and management.

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