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Final Grants in FY2019 bring all-time totals to more than $30 million!

Posted 27 June 2019 in EMpower News, Grantee Partner News   |   Share


FY2019 grantmaking concludes record-breaking year!

EMpower’s 2019 fiscal year ended on June 30 as a record-breaking year, with over $3.8 million awarded in grants. This is the most in EMpower’s history! We are proud to have granted over $30 million through over 1,000 grants to support young people during EMpower’s history.

The year includes many exciting developments in our work empowering young people:

We began partnerships with 18 new grantee partners in six countries. These include 11 organizations from priority geographies for growth including Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina, and 7 programs focused on younger adolescent girls in India, Peru and Argentina as part of our new Girl Fund initiative.

These new partners are:

Sadbhavana Trust (India), PUKAR (India), KHEL (India), Nirantar (India), Just for Kicks (India), Oscar Foundation (India), Chip Mumbai (India), Redes da Mare (Brazil), Abraco Campeao (Brazil), EMPUJAR- Fundacion Pleroma (Argentina), Asociacion Pukllasunchis (Peru), Fundacion Huesped (Argentina), Mudita Foundation (South Africa), Khululeka Grief Support (South Africa), KODA/Rural Schools Transformation Network (Turkey), Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence/CSMD (Turkey), Youth Approaches to Health Association/YAHA (Turkey) and We Are Coding (Turkey).

5 final “sunset” grants were approved to longstanding grantee partners, as we come to the end of our 10-year partnership. These grants will fund projects to support each organization to “sunset” from EMpower funding stronger and with a sustainable future.

These partners are:

Zone One Tondo (ZOTO) (Philippines), Asociación Kallpa para la Salud y el Desarrollo Integral (Asociación Kallpa) (Peru), Akshara (Front for Rapid Economic Advancement India (FREA India)) (India), Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (Vietnam) and Bolshaya Peremena (Big Change) (Russia).

We’re thrilled that of our FY2019 grantmaking, we were able to fund almost $1 million dollars in initiatives to support work with adolescent girls and foster innovation around girls programming. Some highlights of this work include:

  • $362,000 awarded to support work with very young adolescents girls (ages 10-14) as part of our new Girl Fund, through the support of NoVo Foundation
  • $159,000 awarded to ongoing girl-centered initiatives including: the Adolescent Girls Learning Community in Delhi, undertaking recommendations of the Girls Advisory Council in India, round 8 of the Spark & Ignite Award Competition focused on better engaging parents to support adolescent girls, and two independent evaluations of girl-focused programs
  • $120,000 awarded through the Bright Promise Award Competition to support adolescent girls to stay in school, with the support of the Estee Lauder Companies Charitable Foundation
  • $342,000 awarded on behalf of the With and For Girls Collective to girl-led and girl-focused organizations. This was a special, one-time grant that EMpower received and implemented.

We look forward to building on this growth and energy in FY2020, and seeing the inspiring results in the lives of young people!

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