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New grants approved in the UK

Posted 18 November 2016 in EMpower News   |   Share


The Fall Grants Meeting in London approved a docket of new grants supporting organizations that empower at-risk young people, totaling $318,000. Grantee partners receiving funding include:

Joint Operation For Social Help (JOSH), India: EMpower’s 2nd grant to JOSH will enable 80 girls who live in an east Delhi slum resettlement prone to communal violence to gain employability skills and support to find dignified work for a brighter future.

Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (PROMSEX), Peru: EMpower’s 2nd grant to Promsex will support prevention of sexual violence against children and adolescents, aiming to create tools that may serve as a benchmark for the region.

Afrikids, Ghana: EMpower’s 3rd grant to Afrikids will provide literacy and numeracy skills to 100 boys and girls who work and live in and around Bolgatanga bus station. The project will also help re-integrate “street children” back into school and resettle them either back with their families or at the Afrikids Transitional Street Child Centre.

United Through Sport (Umzingisi Foundation), South Africa: EMpower’s 5th grant to United Through Sport will provide academic support and health and life skills training to 280 youth to prepare them to successfully transition to secondary school, as well as sports coaching and life skills training for 8,000 youth. Staff will also be provided trainings to strengthen youth programming, management, and monitoring and evaluation processes.

NORSAAC, Ghana: EMpower’s 5th grant to NORSAAC will promote its fundraising strategy and capability, monitoring and evaluation, and document its successful livelihood projects to help share and improve these learnings.

Associaçao Luta Pela Paz, Brazil: EMpower’s 9th and final sunset grant to Luta will support the salaries of Luta’s fundraising team to deliver upon their fundraising strategy, to support the organization on its successful next phase.

Above photo: Participant of grantee partner, Afrikids Ghana

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