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New Partnership with Pictet Asset Management launched!

Posted 11 September 2019 in EMpower News   |   Share

EMpower’s new partnership with Pictet Asset Management will focus on creating social impact through human capital investment. The partnership aims to advance the UN’s Social Development Goals’ (SDGs’) to end poverty, improve health and education and increase gender equality. With a focus on human capital, the partnership’s efforts will translate into investing in a country’s most essential resource—their young people.

The partnership seeks to improve the lives of young people with the sustained, longer-term support for social development across emerging markets. Pictet’s support of EMpower’s work will enable youth in emerging market countries to access education, build skills and increase resilience, helping them to grow, become more flexible and productive.

The insights gathered by EMpower and its network will be integrated into Pictet Asset Management’s own investment thinking, focusing on countries that have programs to bring about positive social change. The aim is to facilitate a dialogue with policy-making institutions and central banks.

EMpower President and CEO Cynthia Steele said, “Pictet Asset Management is an excellent fit for launching a partnership that gets to the heart and soul of the ‘S’ in ESG.
Pictet is truly forward-thinking in its approach to ESG, and it is clear that its commitment to ESG is not lip service, but a deeply rooted interest to improve lives in emerging market countries. Pictet Asset Management employees will engage actively with EMpower’s global team and a diverse, extensive portfolio of in-country, on-the-ground partners, gaining deeper insights and more human-centered analysis.”

Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Debt at Pictet Asset Management, said, “In ESG investment it is often the case that the S (social) dimension does not get enough attention. Through our partnership with EMpower we are able to tap into the impressive network of local agencies to understand the true impact of social programs, within the context of various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Many thanks to Pictet for this opportunity to further develop our model for social change that supports good corporate citizenship.

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