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New Portfolio to Support Organisations Led by Most Marginalised

Posted 19 January 2022 in EMpower News   |   Share

EMpower recently launched its Circle Portfolio, which focuses on local organisations in emerging market countries with lived experience leadership—the leaders of the organisations come from and/or live in the communities they serve, and many are girls, young, indigenous, LGBTQI, and/or living with a disability. We are intentionally scouting out and increasing support for these organisations, which are close to and best understand how to meet the needs of those most marginalised, yet tend to have less access to funding, tools, or resources. We provide what is most useful to them: more flexible funding and capacity strengthening.

Through this new funding stream, we aim to open new opportunities to smaller organisations that have traditionally been under-supported by mainstream funders. And we aim to build the power, agency, and leadership of girls, young women, and other individuals. We recognise the intersectional nature of social exclusion, and how different aspects of a person’s identity can influence the power and advantage they may or may not hold, and discrimination they face.

We seek to further expand the pipeline or network of local organisations with lived experience leadership eligible for EMpower or other philanthropic funding. The Circle Portfolio is intended to enhance the web of support for young people by building stronger community-based organisations. This initiative is also representative of EMpower’s commitment to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do.


Learn more about this portfolio and our grantmaking model.

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