What We Do: Multi-Faceted Support to Local Partners

We recognise that the obstacles marginalised young people face are interconnected, woven into the fabric of their families, communities, and societies, and require multiple, complementary strategies to address. Our approach is built on a partnership model, valuing the expertise of local organisations and young people, prizing learning and sharing, and continually striving for best feasible practice.


  • We provide long term financial support to local organisations in emerging market countries, focused on three impact areas that are foundational for young people to thrive: economic well-being, inclusive learning and safe, healthy lives.
  • We work with grantee partners to design solutions that integrate priorities and perspectives identified by girls and marginalised young people.
  • We strengthen organisational capacity, skills and sustainability of our grantee partners with tailored support and thought partnership.
  • We foster opportunities for learning among grantee partners and with others, sharing insights, tools and resources.
  • We facilitate and support collaboration with our grantee partners; providing opportunities to strategise and build alliances—at the local, national, and regional levels.
  • We advocate for best practices in philanthropy to support local organisations working with young people (long-term partnerships, flexible funding, youth engagement in shaping priorities and decisions etc.).

NOTE: Due to the high level of interest in EMpower funding and our own strategic prospecting approach, we do not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals.

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