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Fundación Nordelta


Among the biggest challenges facing at-risk youth in Argentina are: the instability and informality of youth employment (which have low wages and are often exempt from labor regulations and social protection), a nearly 50% high school dropout rate largely due to low quality and irrelevant education, a lack of safe spaces, and insufficient training opportunities. Argentina’s youth unemployment rate is approximately 19% compared to a national rate of 7%.

Las Tunas is a neighborhood of high-poverty located outside of Buenos Aires and bordering a gated community of extreme wealth. Many of its residents are undocumented and live in conditions of poverty in precarious houses. The problems facing the residents of Las Tunas include high school dropout, unemployment, malnutrition, high rates of adolescent pregnancy, and gender-based violence. Young people of Las Tunas not only lack basic goods and services, but safe spaces of recreation, trust and reflection on everyday problems and situations. Few programmes/spaces are designed for their interests and problems – hence they occupy other spaces such as the street and/or corners and are exposed to other problems such as alcohol, drugs, street violence, and crime. The public education system is in crisis characterized by its low quality: high rate of teacher absence, repeated days of class suspension, little teacher training. Schools are not supportive spaces for addressing adolescent problems, let alone their socio-economic vulnerability. They are ill-prepared to attend to the needs of young people which puts youth at greater risk of grade repetition and dropout. Young people are often pressured to work to support the family. They lack support in their school tasks, as well as role models who can support construction of their life plans..


Nordelta was founded in 2001 at the initiative of a prominent area businessman, Eduardo Constantini, with a vision of uniting the families of the wealthy gated community of Nordelta and their marginalized neighbors of Las Tunas. The current president of the foundation is the daughter of the founder, and programs are led by a team of experts (teacher, psychologist, HR, social work, communications, social anthropologist). Nordelta’s mission is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Las Tunas in health, education, community development, and employment. Nordelta has formed significant ties with the bordering gated community, and with local authorities, schools, hospitals, senior citizen centers, and local businesses.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 7th grant to Nordelta will help guarantee the continuity of the work carried out in the previous grant cycle, namely supporting youth with personal development training and recreational activities, academic tutoring and support, and employability training for insertion in the labor market.

Where is Fundación Nordelta?

Primary Location: Buenos Aires


Funded Since: 2012

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