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Ghana’s official statistics on youth unemployment paint a complex picture showing 68% of the youth population (15-35) as employed, 5% unemployed and 27% inactive, but mask the fact that a third of those in work are contributing family workers and may not actually earn an additional income. Independent estimates such as those of the ILO, shared by the World Bank, further complicate the picture by stating that 49% of young men (15-24) and 3% of young women (15-24) are unemployed (a figure which stretches credulity). In the Northern Region, Ghana’s poorest and the area where NORSAAC works, unemployment among young people aged 15-24 is thought to be 49%. High illiteracy rates (22%), low educational attainment (61% end their education at Junior High School), inadequate employability skills, lack of experience and lack of access to training opportunities force youth to migrate to the South in search of livelihoods opportunities.


NORSAAC empowers rural and marginalized communities by strengthening their capacity to realize their rights and access services. NORSAAC started in 2002 as a community-based organization raising awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth in schools. It is a widely-respected organisation working on sexual and reproductive rights, women’s rights, governance, and livelihood development. Many livelihood programs in Ghana focus on traditional trades for women and
fail to meet market demand. But NORSAAC’s approach combines community interventions that challenge stereotypes with a well-rounded training model based on skills development,financial education, mentoring, and post-graduation support.

Current Grant

EMpower’s 6th grant to NORSAAC will support the development of a strategic plan, a leadership plan and a plan to set quality criteria for all its work ranging from program implementation to reporting or engaging with local, national and international actors. The grant will also support continuing efforts to connect young entrepreneurs with private investors, retail or public sector backers. Finally, the grant will support NORSAAC’s continuing efforts to shutter gender job stereotypes in the communities in which it works.

EMpower’s 2nd Girl Fund grant to NORSAAC will support 900 young adolescent girls aged 10-14 from 30 communities across Ghana. It will create safe spaces and co-design a curriculum to improve their
self-esteem and confidence. With this funding, NORSAAC will also organize and facilitate a series of inter-generational dialogues in the communities and
help the girls engage stakeholders in educational development. As COVID-19 shows no signs of slowing down, the grant will further help NORSAAC acquire adequate PPEs for its staff and maintain a COVID-19 monitoring mechanism in the communities they operate.

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