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Azad Foundation


Traditional norms about the role of men and women in society have not adapted to keep pace with India’s rapid economic growth and rise in opportunities for women. International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) in 2013 conducted in India reflect that while Indian boys and men (15- 59) support policies that promote equal opportunities for women, they also feel that they lose out if women are afforded more rights. And while they are aware of laws against violence against women, 65 percent of Indian men surveyed said they believe there are times when women deserve to be beaten. The findings show that Indian men were among the least supportive of equitable relationships and roles between men and women. 80 percent of men surveyed agreed that changing diapers, bathing and feeding children are a mother’s responsibility, only 16 percent of Indian men said that they had a role in domestic matters such as washing clothes, preparing food or cleaning the house.


Azad Foundation (AF) aims to provide “livelihoods with dignity” for young women from resource poor communities. The major programme of AF is ‘Women on Wheels’ (WoW), which was started in May 2008 as its signature initiative and has now expanded to 3 centers in Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata and Indore in India. AF began its work with men in 2014. A pilot workshop with male employees of Azad was first held, followed by another pilot with some male relatives of women trainees. AF became a member of the core team that organised the international conference MenEngage in 2014, and built up its own team to take forward this programme. AF engages with men in the communities where it works as part of its activities within the One Billion Rising Campaign. A pilot survey of young men was undertaken to benchmark on their attitudes, beliefs and perspectives. In 2015, Azad identified male youth as community mobilizers in two locations and held a training workshop. It intends now to consolidate its pilot efforts and build a cadre of young men by undertaking gender sensitivity and leadership training for boys and young men.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 4th grant to Azad Foundation enables men to complete a gender training to become leaders in their community to prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV) and advocate non-traditional income generation (NTIG) opportunities for girls through community-based campaigns and actions. This grant also enables Azad Foundation to work closely with an EMpower grantee from Africa to enable them to create a driving program similar to Azad’s flagship Women on Wheels (WoW).

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