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Medha Corp.


The state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has the lowest per capita GDP ($289) in comparison to the other 28 states in India. In terms of employment outcomes, over 5 million students graduate from colleges each year in India, with 25% coming from Uttar Pradesh alone. Of these graduates, only 37% are deemed ‘employable’ by industry. This translates into over 1 million unemployable youth coming out of the higher education system each year in UP and 75% of these are young women who face even more significant challenges when it comes to employability. They attend the poorest performing educational institutions because their families prefer to invest in the education of boys. In addition, they face family and social pressure to get married shortly after completing their education. Even when they decide to work, they are pressured to only accept certain kinds of jobs significantly reducing their career options.


Founded in 2011, Medha provides skills training, career counselling, placement and job exposure to college, polytechnic and vocational training students at their existing educational institutions. By partnering with the government of Uttar Pradesh, global foundations and corporations they work at the intersection of education and livelihoods to link youth with employment opportunities. They are currently working across 20 colleges in and around Lucknow and have received approval from the Department of Higher Education and Technical Education to work in an additional 15 institutions across six districts in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 2nd grant to Medha enables girls and boys to complete secondary school and acquire employability skills and career counselling

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