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The YP Foundation


UNFPA ‘s report released in 2015 notes that 67% of India’s 355 million girls and women of reproductive age experience various negative sexual and reproductive health outcomes such as poor menstrual hygiene, early and closely spaced pregnancy, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and sexual violence. One in every five girls aged 15–19 in India experiences childbearing before age 17. Furthermore, multiple socioeconomic deprivations increase the magnitude of health problems for young women. Menstruation is considered a taboo topic in many places in India leaving many women without safe, accessible and hygienic spaces for washing and sanitation. Many temples and mosques have barred women from entering their premises and women’s groups, activists and courts have reacted sharply to this discrimination. At the household and community level, discrimination against menstruating women is perpetuated and practiced by mothers, elders and community powerbrokers. There is a huge need to address the stigma and taboo attached with menstruation and for that strong female role models in communities are required.


The YP Foundation (YP stands for Youth Parliament) was founded in 2002 by Ishita Choudhary, to address the lack of critical thinking amongst young people on issues of social justice, discrimination and marginalization. TYPF addresses these needs by building a cadre of young leaders to take forward the agenda of young people’s sexual and reproductive health (SRHR) by 1) increasing their access to information about SRHR; 2) empowering them to use existing platforms to strengthen engagement between young people, communities, civil society and government actors to influence policies on youth and 3) demonstrating ‘Youth Led Change’ by building young people’s leadership so that they can identify and address their needs. It is a youth-led organisation working with youth, especially adolescent girls, from Dalit, Muslim and other marginalized communities. It engages young people as peer educators or volunteers across TYPF’s programs; and the communities these groups lead. Their programmes enable youth to access critical information and services to aid successful, empowering transitions to adulthood.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 1st grant to TYPF enables young women to acquire leadership skills to lead interventions to enable improved sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), with a focus on reducing restrictions and improving ability to manage menstruation.

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