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Asociación Aurora Vivar


Currently in Peru there is an education gap between science and other fields, with 68% of young people age 15-29 studying non-science related fields such as law, management and education. Young women studying technical specialties such as engineering or the sciences lag behind their male counterparts at only 27% of the student population. Stereotypical messages reinforced by teachers, schools, and parents limit the possibilities for young women to enter non-traditional, technical careers. Many high school students from marginalized communities do not view technical education as a viable option for entering the labor market with a certified trade, when it should be as they often do not have the financial means or support to enter university. Employers are demanding more of these technical specialties which provide better paying jobs in growth sectors. Yet many youth, particularly females, are ill equipped to fill these positions and end up missing out.


Founded in 1985, Asociación Aurora Vivar (AAV) works locally and nationally to improve the status and leadership of women in Peru, to ensure that women have equal access to educational training opportunities and quality jobs (including those traditionally reserved for men), and to ensure that women’s rights are respected in the workplace. AAV works with vocational training institutes and public high schools to incorporate a gender lens and challenge traditional thinking about what professions are acceptable for women. Their trainings in non-traditional areas such as electricity, appliance repair, and refrigeration have led to the establishment of several women-led businesses. AAV also provides job readiness workshops geared towards vocational training/trades and entrepreneurship training.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s 6th regular grant to AAV promotes science and technology abilities in youth with a gender focus through “education for work” classes (including training teachers), conduct career guidance workshops, and provide technical training in ICT and electrical installations with official certification.

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