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Charity Fund of Social Projects Galaxy (Galaxy Fund)


In 2012 in St. Petersburg, there was an estimated nearly 20,000 orphaned children and children without parental care. Youth in institutionalized care situations have significantly higher prevalence of smoking, alcohol and hard drug use (the latter also associated with violence, and unprotected or transactional sex) within their lifetimes compared to their peers.


The Galaxy Fund was founded in 2010 by the staff of the Russian research-focused organization Stellit to serve as a program implementing partner of practical solutions aimed at changing lives of at-risk young people. The Galaxy Fund currently implements three major programs: 1) Effective adaptation and socialization of orphaned children and youth; 2) Supporting the work of the Youth Volunteer Movement “You know the way? Do it your own way then…”; 3) Combating commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Current Grant:

EMpower’s fourth grant to Galaxy Fund provides emotional support and life-skills training to 120 young women who have grown up in care and now live in four residential vocational schools in St Petersburg before they embark on their independent lives. The grant also trains the schools’ residential staff to respond better to the particular needs of young people as well as train them to run components of the programme as part of the institutions’ normal practice.

Where is Charity Fund of Social Projects Galaxy (Galaxy Fund)?

Primary Location: St. Petersburg

Funded Since: 2013

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