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EMpower has fundraising and awareness campaigns throughout the year to bring our community of supporters together to take action around a common goal. Campaigns generate funds to support our work in emerging market countries. And through campaigns, we get the word out about issues affecting youth, giving them a voice through social media and your networks. We welcome your involvement!

EMpower Community in Action: Current Campaign

Start your own Campaign fundraiser!

EMpower supporters are highly creative and develop their own campaigns – with sports activities, theme-focused events, or making an EMpower donation a “gift” at their wedding. Rally your friends and colleagues to join you in your goal to help at-risk youth get the opportunities they deserve. We help get you started and support your efforts.

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More Campaigns

Just Closed
RUN for EMpower: Monterey Bay Half Marathon

DATE: November 11, 2018
WHO: Emma Hardy and Kristin Schaen
Amount Raised: $225

Just Closed
Ironman Indonesia!

DATE: 19 August 2018
WHO: Oliver Otto

Just Closed
Team Spinnaker London-2-Paris Cycle Ride!

DATE: 6 September 2018
WHO: Alexis Habib, Anne-Marie Habib, Eva Karafiatova, Soteris Nicolaou, Joe Rouncefield, Matt Swift & Zar Werner

Happening Now
Royal Parks Half-Marathon 2018

DATE: 14 October 2018
WHO: Richard Willis, Marcin Wiszniewski, Anna Wright and Emily Branco

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Our Underwriters pay for all of our administrative and fundraising costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering at-risk youth.