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    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

EMpower Global Ambassador

Marta Cabrera became EMpower’s first Global Ambassador after leaving her position as President in July 2019. Marta co-founded and led the organization from its beginnings in 2000 and is responsible for developing its principal tenets. Leveraging her relationships with EM finance professionals, EMpower was first established in New York and Marta subsequently was responsible for expanding its platform to London and Hong Kong, mirroring the footprint of EM professionals, and registering in India and Singapore.

As Global Ambassador, Marta is involved in a special forward-looking initiative for EMpower and, once travel is possible post-COVID, looks forward to travel to support select grantee partners. Additionally, and following her interest in the rights and empowerment of girls and young women, Marta has joined the Finance and Investment Committee of the International Planned Parenthood Western Hemisphere Region.

Prior to forming EMpower, Marta worked for sixteen years in the Emerging Markets financial sector, joining Chase Manhattan Bank in 1985. In her last position she was in Fixed
Income Sales responsible for developing and managing some of the business unit’s most significant client relationships.

Marta received a Bachelor’s degree at Barnard College, Columbia University; a Licenciature in Political Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid; a Certificate from the Escuela Diplomatica de Espana; and a Masters of International Affairs at the School for International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. Coincident with her 19-year nurturing of EMpower, she raised her two young daughters along with her husband, Nick Hardy.

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