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You can get involved and impact marginalised young people by raising funds for EMpower. Fundraising campaigns generate funds to support our work in emerging market countries. And through campaigns, we get the word out about issues affecting youth, giving them a voice through social media and your networks. We welcome your involvement!

EMpower supporters have a long and dedicated history with fundraising campaigns. This support has been so important to EMpower and has formed meaningful relationships that extend beyond the fundraiser.

EMpower has fundraising and awareness campaigns throughout the year to bring our community of supporters together. Whether it’s taking on an athletic challenge or organising an event, you can fundraise in any creative way you’d like!

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EMpower supporters are highly creative and develop their own campaigns – with sports activities, theme-focused events, or making an EMpower donation a “gift” at their wedding. Rally your friends and colleagues to join you in your goal to help at-risk youth get the opportunities they deserve. We help get you started and support your efforts.

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Our Board Directors and the Leadership Council underwrite all of our Management, General and Fundraising expenses, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering marginalised young people.

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