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First ever EMpower Learning Exchange in Russia

Posted 19 October 2018 in EMpower News   |   Share


During the week of 8 October 2018, EMpower Executive Vice President Cynthia Steele and Senior Program Officer Theodoros Chronopoulos were in St Petersburg, Russia to visit our grantee partners Upsala Circus, Galaxy Fund, Doctors to Children and Big Change to reflect on gendered aspects of our grantee partners’ work. It was the first time that our Russian grantee partners came together for a shared thematic learning exchange. With gender being the focus of the Exchange, EMpower’s and grantee partners’ staff discussed approaches to traditional gender roles and interpersonal relationships. They shared practical tools and program models that respond to the needs of young women. The grantee partners stressed the importance of starting gender awareness training for both girls and boys at a young age.

EMpower has been active in supporting at-risk youth in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg since 2002. We specifically focus on youth growing up in the Care System and adolescents who have been in trouble with the law. For more information on our work and the grantee partners in Russia, please click here.

A big thank you to all our partners for your hard work and a constructive visit!

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