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Celebrating Young People in Action! Youth Day 2020 Statement

Posted 11 August 2020 in EMpower News   |   Share

Today, on International Youth Day, EMpower celebrates the strength, resiliency and potential of young people globally. This year’s theme, ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’, seeks to highlight young people’s meaningful engagement at the local, regional and global level. It is one of action and illuminates the critical role that young people have to impact our future.

The key values at the core of International Youth Day are evident throughout EMpower’s commitment to uplift young people’s voices, actions and potential. At the core of our work is the meaningful involvement of youth at all levels of programming. We believe strongly in empowering young people to create positive change in their lives and across communities. Young people play a vital role in bringing
positive change and it is important that they are included as the leaders in transforming the world with their creativity, innovation and insight.

We’re excited to share highlights from EMpower where youth are at the center of the action. The Girls Advisory Council and EMpower Learning Exchanges demonstrate the inclusive and youth-driven approaches that are at the core of our programming.

Girls Advisory Council

Launched in 2018, the Girls Advisory Council is a group of 16 adolescent girl leaders nominated by EMpower’s grantee partner organizations in India to advise on EMpower’s grantmaking strategy in India. The Girls Advisory Council will be integral in developing EMpower’s India Strategy to best meet the needs of girls.

Learning Exchanges

EMpower organizes Learning Exchanges that bring together our grantee partner organizations to share their innovative programming. By forming a network where learning, new ideas and best practices are shared, grantee partners are further empowered to enact change in their communities. EMpower learning exchanges have occurred in India, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, and Peru.

We’re proud of celebrate and empower young people this Youth Day and every day.

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