What We Do: Sharing Knowledge and Building Collective Knowledge

“EMpower is fantastic at helping organisations learn from one another. They once funded us to go on a learning exchange with another grantee… and that was really helpful. They also convened all the… orgs in [our region] and our participants learned so much from the others. They are really great at building and fostering engagements and learning and collaboration. When EMpower invests in such capacity-building activities as curriculum development, monitoring & evaluation training, and so on, it makes a better impact in a field, community, and organisation.” —Quote from EMpower grantee partner (Grantee Perception Report, conducted by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, 2019)

EMpower works closely with grantee partners to provide support beyond financial assistance. This support is typically in areas such as girl-focused and/or gender equitable programming, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, governance, and child and youth safeguarding.

EMpower connects partners across the globe, bringing organisations together around issues important to them—offering time and space to share learnings and build collective knowledge.

EMpower Learning Exchanges

We bring together representatives, including young people from grantee partner organisations and other external specialists, to share knowledge and tools on critical topics to improve effectiveness and advance partnerships. By connecting grantee partners with each other, as well as with other specialists, we create a web of learning and shared solutions—leading to more effective ways to support young people over the long-term. Learning exchanges occur at the national, regional, and global level.

When grantee partner organisations are able to reflect, learn and apply knowledge and perspectives from each other and from young people, they are able to better impact young people’s lives.

Some learning exchange focus areas include: female entrepreneurship, monitoring and evaluation, girl-centred programming, sports and youth development, effective communications, diversifying funding, and job paths for young women in sectors generally associated with males.

Learning Journey on Adolescent Mental Health in South Africa

From April 5–7, 2022, EMpower hosted a learning journey on mental health programmes for young people in South Africa. Forty people from 14 organisations from Cape Town and Johannesburg communities attended. The three-day meeting built on research that we conducted earlier this year and featured interactive discussions among grantee partners and other organisations that address adolescent mental health in South Africa. Learn more

Exploring Safeguarding Measures for Children and Young People in Asia

EMpower is committed to safeguarding children and young people who participate in the programmes we support: to prevent abuse and violence and to enable organisations to respond to potential incidences with strong measures and frameworks. We recently held the third in a series of webinars for our partners to share best practices. This webinar focused on how organisations can conduct strong risk assessments to strengthen their existing safeguarding frameworks.  Read more

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