Youth Development Tools

Empowering Adolescent Girls Through Sport

Sport is known to be an effective method of engaging youth. It develops a range of skills such as teamwork and discipline but also can be used to provide an interesting way to learn about HIV prevention or gender equality through physical activity or games. While traditionally, sports have been geared primarily to males, there is increased experience and interest in using sports to empower girls, teaching them new skills, enabling play, and fostering their visibility, and right to be active, in public spaces.

The international guide to designing sport programmes for girls

Women Win, 2013

This tool was designed to help organizations develop and improve programs to change the lives of girls through sport. It is intended to provide guidelines and help staff think strategically and creatively about adapting their program to their culture. For use with girls ages 10 to 18, with a focus on the younger adolescent, ages 10 – 14.

Topics include:

  • overcoming challenges girls face to participating in sports
  • creating safe spaces for girls
  • building support for the program
  • recruiting girls and developing leadership.