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What We Do

We support and work closely with local, dedicated organisations in emerging market countries focused on solutions that integrate the voices and experiences of marginalised young people (ages 10–24).

We recognise that disadvantage takes multiple forms, and that girls, young women, and non-binary youth often face the most discrimination. For these reasons, and to most effectively support young people’s needs and future pathways, we are committed to approaching our work through an intersectional lens.

Keeping gender and inclusion at the heart of everything we do, we focus on fostering economic well-being, inclusive learning, and safe, healthy lives.

Prioritising Girls

Marginalised girls and young women are battling compound effects of multiple forms of inequality. They are at the bottom of every social hierarchy and are least visible and least heard.
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Engaging Young People

EMpower believes that young people are valued experts with deep insights into the challenges they face and the needs and opportunities they have, all based on their lived experiences. That's why they have a fundamental place in our vision and strategy.
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Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change brings to life EMpower’s vision and strategy in creating better futures for young people. It illustrates why we do what we do, what we do, and how we define success.
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Our Grantmaking Model

Our grantmaking model depicts our inclusive and flexible approach to supporting local organisations, which facilitates transformation in communities around the world.
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Multi-Faceted Support to Local Partners

We recognise that the obstacles marginalised young people face are interconnected, woven into the fabric of their families, communities, and societies, and require multiple, complementary strategies to address.
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Sharing Knowledge and Building Collective Knowledge

EMpower works closely with grantee partners to provide support beyond financial assistance. This support is typically in areas such as girl-focused and/or gender equitable programming, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, governance, and child and youth safeguarding.
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Our Board Directors and the Leadership Council underwrite all of our Management, General and Fundraising expenses, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering marginalised young people.

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