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Emergencies and pandemics are known to lead to large scale psychosocial impact. The psychological impact may include emergency or pandemic-induced distress (e.g. fear of the virus, death anxiety, diffused anxiety which is future oriented, grief, physical isolation of individuals, families or communities leading to non-pathological distress and mental health problems in a small minority), worsening of pre-existing problems (e.g. severe mental disorder; alcohol abuse) and humanitarian aid-related problems (e.g. anxiety due to a lack of information about food distribution). The social problems on the other hand include pre-emergency social problems (e.g. poverty; economic disparities, being a member of a group that is discriminated against or marginalised; political subjugation); emergency-induced social and economic problems (e.g. drastic decline of income generation, economic crisis, family separation; disruption of social networks; destruction of community fabric, resources and trust; increased violence against women and girls); and humanitarian aid-induced social problems (e.g. undermining of community structures or community’s existing support mechanisms). While emergencies are likely to affect masses, certain groups of individuals such as women, children, elderly, poor, migrants, frontline workers, marginalised and those with pre-existing vulnerabilities etc., are likely to be disproportionately affected by the emergencies (Source: By Aparna Joshi, Journal of Social and Economic Development,2021)


Current Grant:

EMpower’s small grant to Nirantar will support them in undertaking COVID Response for 360 families and enable them to continue to undertake Capacity and Network Building through a Knowledge Partnership with EMpower which was piloted in 2020:

1. COVID Response:

a. Mental health support for Nirantar’s management staff, program team and field staff (30 frontline workers and 15 trainers)

b. Dry Ration, Food and Health Support for 360 families

c. Information and Coordination Support across all communities that Niranatar works in

2. Capacity and Network Building through a Knowledge Partnership with EMpower

a. For the leadership of 10 organisations

b. Capacity building of direct interventionists/ field staff of the partner organisations (approx. 20 to 25 trainers)

c. Support for young women leaders in the community (20 young women)

You can support our work with Nirantar and our other grantee partners.

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